Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shindong's Profile


Real Name: Shin, Dong Hee

Stage Name: Shin Dong

Date of Birth: September 28, 1985

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Voice Type: Bass

Shin Dong Hee, born on September 28, 1985, better known by his stage name Shin Dong, is a dancer, entertainer, singer, and a member of Korean boy band Super Junior. In the past, Shin Dong has been criticized for his large size, which contradicts many slim Korean idols. Despite his larger appearance, Shin Dong is known to be one of the four lead dancers and the group's dance choreographer, creating dances for the bandmates whenever they make dance performances. Shin Dong is also the rapper of the group and co-writes rap lyrics with the rest of his bandmates. He is also Super Junior's main visual gag performer.

Shin Dong made his first appearance in July 2002 when he was seen dancing on Goyangsi Youth Dance. However, he didn't join SM Entertainment until 2005 when he won first place on the 9th SM Youth Best Selection Best Comedian, surprising the judges with his trained acting and dancing ability. Under SM Entertainment, Shin Dong was trained in many areas of performing talents, specifically improving his dancing versatility and rapping.


  1. .. he is really funny....always keep people smiling after seeing his performanve

  2. he is so cute then other
    his perfomance so amazing

  3. shindong is so cute....always smile when doing perfomance n so amzing!