Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hangeng's Profile


Chinese Name: Han Geng

Korean Name: Han Kyung

Date of Birth: February 09, 1984

Hometown: Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang, People's Republic of China

Han Geng, born on February 09, 1984, better known in Korea as Han Kyung, is a dancer, entertainer, occasional actor, singer, and a member of the Korean boyband Super Junior. He is the only Chinese member of Super Junior and is the first foreign artist to break into the Korean music industry. He is one of the two members in the group who frequently performs Chinese martial arts in Super Junior's dance routines, the other being Lee Sung Min. He is also known for his dancing skills, particularly skillful in Chinese traditional dances from the fifty-six minority Chinese ethnic groups. He is one of the four lead dancers of Super Junior and an important figure to further continue the Korean wave in China. Han Geng was also the chosen torch bearer for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, being the first boy band member to be chosen in history.

Han Geng, an ethnic Nanai from Northeast China, was born in Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang, China. At the age of thirteen, he joined Central University for Nationalities to perfect his craft in the dance industry.

When he was preparing for his graduation from the Central University for Nationalities at the age of seventeen, he was discovered in December 2001 at the H.O.T. China Audition Casting that was held in Beijing, China, where the competition rate was 3000 to 1. He signed a contract with SM Entertainment the year after, but it was not until early 2003 when he arrived to South Korea to receive private lessons in singing, dancing, and acting. A year later, he was put in lessons with the rest of the trainees in SM Entertainment.

On February 06, 2005, SM Entertainment officially announced Han Geng as one of the twelve members of Super Junior 05, the first generation of the large all-male supposed rotational group, Super Junior. Han Geng was the first Chinese and the first foreigner to debut in South Korea, thus creating close media attention. Three months later after the announcement, Han Geng made his first media appearance as a runway model, in a Fashion Show F/W general idea by Bum Suk.

Han Geng's 100 question & answer

[1] Name: Han Kyung
[2] D.O.B: 1984 feb 9
[3] Address: (korea) don’t know
[4] Blood Type: Don’t know
[5] Height: 181cm
[6] Weight: 64kg
[7] Shoe Size: 42
[8] Character: Don’t speak that much
[9] Dream: To have a business of my own
[10] Specialize In: Ballet
[11] Hobbies: Playing computer games
[12] When You Have a Bad Mood: Sleep
[13] Fav. Artist: Andy Lau
[14] Fav. Flower: White lilies
[15] Fav. Food: Steamboat
[16] Fav. Fruit: Watermelon
[18] Fav. Comic: Any
[20] Duration of sleep: No specific hours.
[21] What Kind of Girls Do You Like: Girls who r good/kind to their parents
[22] First Love: 18… no… its 19
[23] People Whom You Respect: Parents
[24] Sports You Are Good In: Swimming n long-run
[25] Music That You Like: No specific kind
[26] Fav. Brand: Gucci n Calvin Klein
[27] Time When You Are In Best Condition: Night
[28] First Thing You Do When You Wake Up: Drink water
[29] Things you will do before you sleep: Drink water
[30] Fav. number: 4
[31] Fav season: Summer
[32] Religion: None
[33] What you will think when you see your reflection in the mirror: No thoughts.
[34] Fav. Color: Black
[35] Good points about you: Honest… haha~
[36] Bad points about you: Too honest
[37] Fav. Country: Rome
[39] Fav. Accessories: I like any kinds
[40] Dishes you are good at: A lot
[41] Fav. Food: Southern dishes *dishes from the southern part of china i guess~*
[42] Other language you are good at: Korean
[43] What you want to do with your girlfriend: Being together
[44] Things you want to give to your girlfriend: Things that she likes
[45] Things that you want: A lot
[46] Fav. Korean Food: BBQ meat
[47] Things you want from your girlfriend: I don’t have high expectations, anything will do
[48] Cellphone greeting: ??????
[49] Ringing tone: -
[50] Ringing tone for the person calling: -
[51] Brand of cellphone: Anything, what matters is it looks good
[52] What kind of dressing style do you prefer: Anything
[53] Fav. Sleeping position: Sleeping on my sides
[54] When will you think of giving up: No
[55] How many times have you given flowers to girls: I don’t do that
[56] How many times have you received flowers from girls: Hehe, all from my fans
[57] What’s attractive about you: I don’t know
[58] What do you think others think of you: Frightening
[59] Which member do you live with from SM: All
[60] Which member from Super Junior are you close with: Pretty good with all the members
[61] Which Super Junior member do you think is cute: Shin Dong
[62] Which Super Junior member do you think is best looking: ??????
[63] Which Super Junior member do you think has the best complexion: Sung Min
[65] Which Super Junior member is best at talking: Kang In
[67] How many times do you call back to your family: 2 times each day
[68] Do you get angry easily: A little bit
[69] Things you will never eat: Nothing
[70] Easily sick: Yes
[71] Things you want to learn: -
[72] People whom you want to thank: Mum.
[73] What is the happiest time in your life: When i graduated?
[74] What do you think of money: Its a bad thing to have lots of money n same goes to when u don’t have much money
[75] What do you do when you miss home: Call back home
[76] Did you cry recently: Yes
[77] How did you do in your first performance: I’m satisfied
[78] Do you like yourself on stage or off stage: They are not the same
[79] Will you join in drama or movie: Yes, in the future
[80] What kind of chinese culture dance do you like: I like all
[81] Which part of you do you think is the best: Eyes
[82] Are you a patient person: No… haha~
[83] How often do you come online to check your messages: Everyday
[84] How much is your monthly allowence: 1500 china dollars
[85] Fav. Animals: dogs
[86] Fav. Tidbit: don’t like
[87] The latest time you ate: 5 IN THE MORNING
[88] What character do you see in when you are dating: -
[90] Name Given by others: I don’t know… haha~
[92] What kind of fans you like: Quiet.
[93] What kind of fans you hate: None
[94] Things You want to say to your fans: Its great, Lets work hard
together, thanks for your support n i will work extra hard. Lets work
hard together.
[95] New Year Greetings: Happy New Year
[96] New Year Wish: To do well in Asia
*questions 97 -99 were not in it…*
[100] Gift That You Want to Receive: There are alot… i guess i’m not gonna say it.


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  6. I love all your answers and I'm like awww-ing all the way too . I miss and I love him <3<3

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