Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Eunhyuk's Profile


Real Name: Lee, Hyuk Jae

Stage Name: Eun Hyuk

Date of Birth: April 04, 1986

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Voice Type: Tenor

Lee Hyuk Jae, born on April 04, 1986, better known by his stage name Eun Hyuk, is an entertainer, rapper, singer-songwriter, and a member of Korean boyband Super Junior. He used a stage name due to a conflict with another celebrity, Lee Hyuk Jae, a famous comedian who shares the same name. He is talented in areas of both rap and dance, as he is often seen performing solo dances in the group's live performances and music videos. His position in Super Junior is the lead rapper, combining bubblegum pop lyrics with his quick and unique voice tone. He is one of the four lead dancers of Super Junior.

After childhood friend Kim Jun Soo successfully signed a contract with SM Entertainment after he auditioned for the Starlight Casting System in 1999, Eun Hyuk was told that he should do the same. He joined SM Entertainment a year later after the same casting system, joining Jun Soo in training courses and lessons which was under the same company.

In 2002, Lee Hyuk Jae, Kim Jun Soo, and Lee Sung Min were placed in a project R&B group. A year later, the trio along with three future members from TRAX, Typhoon, Rose, and Attack, made a brief appearance in a show called Hee Jun vs Kang Ta Battle of the Century Pop vs Rock where Hee Jun and Kang Ta taught them techniques on singing. However, Typhoon, Rose, and Attack left and debuted that same year. The trio also disbanded and Kim Jun Soo then debuted as a member of TVXQ in 2003 under the stage name Xiah Jun Soo.


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