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Yesung's Profile


Real Name: Kim, Jong Woon

Screen Name: Ye Sung

Date of Birth: August 24, 1984

Hometown: Cheonan, South Korea

Voice Type: Baritone

Kim Jong Woon, born on August 24, 1984, better known by his stage name Ye Sung, is a former DJ, occasional actor, singer, and a member of Korean boy band Super Junior.

In 1999, Ye Sung made his first television appearance in a local music event. Two years later in 2001, he auditioned in the Starlight Casting System and scraped through the contests with his "artistic voice". He was then recruited as a trainee under the talent agency SM Entertainment.

Ryeowook's Profile


Fullname: Kim, Ryeo Wook

Date of Birth: June 21, 1987

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Voice Type: Tenor

Kim Ryeo Wook, born on June 21, 1987, more commonly credited as Ryeo Wook, is a Korean singer, dancer, occasional actor, and the third youngest member of Super Junior. He is recognized by his fellow members as the "eternal magnae" (eternal youngest) of the group, as well as one of the three most vocally powerful in the group (Super Junior-K.R.Y.). Even before Kyu Hyun's addition to the group in May 2006, Ryeo Wook commonly called himself the youngest despite being a few months older than Ki Bum. Ryeo Wook is currently studying at Inha University. He is also one of the first Korean artists to appear on Chinese postage stamps.

Kim Ryeo Wook was discovered through the CMB Youth Chin Chin Festival in 2004 and signed a contract with SM Entertainment soon afterwards after impressing judges with his singing talent. Trained in areas of singing, dancing, and acting, Ryeo Wook placed particular efforts into his vocal training and music composition as he was most concerned in those areas.

Sungmin's Profile


Fullname: Lee, Sung Min

Famous Nickname: The Pink Prince

Date of Birth: January 01, 1986

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Voice Type: Tenor

Lee Sung Min, born on January 01, 1986, more commonly credited as Sung Min, is an actor, dancer, entertainer, former DJ, singer, and a member of Korean boy band Super Junior. He was a regular DJ of "Reckless Radio" and is one of the two members in Super Junior who performs Chinese martial arts, the other being Han Geng. He currently attends Seoul Institute of the Arts, majoring in Broadcasting and Television Entertainment.

Sung Min became a trainee under SM Entertainment after he won first place at the 1st SM Youth Best Selection Best Outward Appearance in 2001. Sung Min was then placed in a project R&B group with Xiah Jun Soo and future bandmate Eun Hyuk in 2002. Along with Typhoon, Rose, and Attack, the six of them made a brief appearance in a show called Hee Jun vs. Kang Ta Battle of the Century Pop vs. Rock where Hee Jun and Kang Ta taught them techniques on singing. However in 2003, the trio disbanded because Xiah Jun Soo debuted as a member of TVXQ. On the other hand, Typhoon, Rose, and Attack debuted as members of TRAX.

SungMin's 100 question & answer

1. Name: Lee Sung Min
2. Birthday: January 01, 1986
3. Blood type: A
4. Height/Weight: Don’t know Don’t remember.. hehe
5. Family: Dad, Mom, Younger Brother 4 people
6. Food you like: Hamburger
7. How long have you been an SM trainee: 4 years
8. Amongst the trainees, who’s the closest to you: HyukJae, JunSoo
9. Something that changed after becoming a trainee: My goal has become definite
10. Favorite singer: Lee SeungChul/Bi/KangTa/etcetc
11. Your worst score in NoRaeBang: 0! After I saw it, I did better
12. When you see your fans, what do you think of: Thanks and I feel loveable
13. Amongst all the CFs, the best CF: Fanta? Mae Soda? Jumping into the swimming pool, and then flying. Hehehe
14. The one place you really want to go on vacation: Japan/Australia
15. You want to go to a far place by yourself, but you don’t have money for the bus… what do you do: Flattery and be cute
16. The one ride you can’t ride in an amusement park: None… Oh yea! Sinbad’s Adventure.. It smells –
17. One friend you are thinking of right now and a memory of them: In junior high, the memory of dancing in the hallway…
18. A SM endorsed celebrity you respect: KangTa Sunbae
19. The amount of joint cafes in a week: 1~6 times
20. The amount of dots you have on your body: Don’t know… how are you supposed to know that!! )v(
21. In high school the grade you got in your best subject/in your worst subject: 98%/A secret,,;;;;;
22. You’re ideal person and the name of a celebrity who’s the closest to your ideal person: Shorter than me, cute, acts cute a lot, nice, sings well or likes music, does a lot of pretty actions amongst celebrities….hmm.. Nobody! +_+
23. A comic you liked reading when you were younger: GeuRangJyo! Hehe
24. You’re second most treasured possession: Piano
25. When you look at a picture what do you think of: What type of picture?
26. Show yourself off (the longest you can make it): [It’s long when you read in Korean.. he writes out each sound =D] I’m nice, sincere, and I work hard
27. You’re favorite word: SaRang Love
28. If someone you didn’t know said “Darling~ honey~” to you: Why~ honey~
29. A drama you enjoy watching nowadays: I can’t really watch much tv.. Age of hero_ the one drama I have a chance to watch sometimes_
30. A girl celebrity you want to become friendly with: Bada etc…
31. If you come here you can see me [mall etc..]: SM…my school… my house… other than those I don’t really go anywhere else…
32. An unknown number calls and then you pick up but you hear “Call me” and then the person hangs up. This person is really [exception that the person called by mistake]: Fellow student at school
33. Something you do better than others: Acting pretty!! – T – ;;;
34. One cute action you want to really do at the moment: Holding the piano and playing it like a guitar… –;;
35. A food you really want to eat: hamburger
36. A comic book you read with deep interest: The Wind’s GungShim
37. The title of a book with the most appealing cover: I don’t really know…
38. What if an impersonator of you appears: hit him! BbaSsho!
39. Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Transparent Being etc who do you want to be the most: Spiderman
40. What you like about being a male: I like the voice…
41. Why you wanted to become a celebrity: Because I like music…
42. A song to sing that would make everyone like you if you sang it at NoRaeBang: A song like that! = = (T/N: he’s saying a song that gets good comments is a song that answers the question… basically hes just saying a song like that would get everyone to like it)
43. A song to sing that would make everyone hate you if you sang it at NoRaeBang: A song like that! = =
44. You’re favorite time of day (ex) 8:45 : 1:11 and 3:33 and all the other times when the numbers are all the same
45. You’re favorite game: I don’t play games~ hehe
46. What do you think is the sexiest part of your body: that’s humiliating~//~^^~
47. When someone looks sexy: I have yet to see a girl look sexy to me..^^ when they dance?
48. Words you would like to hear most: You are a nice, honest, and a hard-working person.
49. Words you would like to hear least: Words that have to do with my business
50. First love: ^^
51. The place of your first kiss: Of course it’s a secret~3
52. The color of the underwear you wore today: white
53. Neon, leopard print, mesh/gauze etc- amongst these undergarments which one do you want the most: All_ I don’t like them. –T–
54. Your favorite day of the week: Friday
55. The longest you’ve talked on the phone: 2 hours
56. The time you go to sleep: It’s probably around 12~1
57. The one thing you do the most {Breathing, talking, Opening your eyes, Closing your eyes, Moving!} : thinking…~ hehe
58. You’re favorite season: The season when a cool breeze blows
59. Lee Sung Min was this sort of student: Someone who had nothing to say_wasn’t funny_quiet_
60. The time you want to return to [use descriptions]: When I cried….A WHOLE LOT….
61. A birthday present that remains the most memorable: cdp? Clothes-
62. The first album you ever bought: H.O.T. 3rd album
63. Your favorite clothing: I’m not good at picking out clothing_hehe Random style! Hehe
64. Lead pencil and lead, pen, eraser, which one have you bought the most: pen…
65. A person that if you were with for a whole day would seem like forever: None… I like being by myself…if I have to choose then is Hyukie (HyukJae).. of course when I get a girlfriend I’ll like the times I’m with her the most…hehe
66. Usually how long are you with another person of a higher rank/age: In the practice room, almost all the time
67. If a random person comes up to you and tells you that they are from your school how will you greet them: keep on asking who they are over and over until they get really really sick of it…
68. A time when even I think I am handsome: None… but I do have a time I really like… it’s when I’m singing
69. Favorite drink: ChilSung Soda…It’s an obsession so I’m trying to lessen how much I have of it…
70. A song that seems like it’s talking to me: Nowadays all songs sound like that
71. A person you want to shoot a kiss scene with: there’s nobody like that…
72. A time you don’t want to think about: There was a time when I was a little embarrassed in elementary school
73. When have you gotten goosebumps: When I heard weird noises when I was in the practice room
74. One thing you like about being born in Korea: Just… Because I met the friends I have now…
75. From all the lies you’ve said, what lie is the biggest lie you ever told: I don’t have money…. _ _;;;;;
76. Are you a different person from what people see you as? If there is, what? : I’m not nice.. _ _
77. You’re best friend is gay!! He wants you to go out with him? What are you going to do: I’ll refuse… I’ll vomit on his face.. _ T _ And then I’ll introduce him to a good-looking person……
78. A non-Korean actor you like: I don’t remember the name… Gladiator…
79. The first movie you saw in a movie theater: Titanic? I don’t remember…
80. You were walking when a fly goes into your mouth or nose, how will you feel: Wek!!!!
81. If you see blood what do you think about: When I see blood… TT It hurts…
82. A mystery about yourself that has still yet to be solved: My ankle hurts, but I dunno why it hurts…_ _ my fingernail too…_ _ I was taking an extra class with my friend in junior high but I don’t remember when or how the class ended. _ _
83. The more you think about it, this electronic device is in love with me (ex.) Fan: I just bought an mp3 player… it obeys me well… It feels like my cellphone has lost its affection for me nowadays… it obeys me slowly and sometimes it doesn’t work_
84. Why do you think that device likes you, Lee Sung Min: Because it obeys me… its makes me feel good… when I’m sad or bored I always have it with me…I think it might even love me…_ _
85. Clothing you’re wearing right now: tanktop… whenever I say this evil people think of weird things… I’m also wearing pants…
86. A common sense you were just recently made aware of: No matter how much you love somebody there are times when you can’t love
87. While you were walking on the streets and you saw a pretty girl, have you ever followed her: Of course~! Hehe my house was in the same direction.. _ _
88. If a fan wanted something you were wearing right now do you intend to give it to the fan: If you want it… Pay money and take it!
89. Your girl has to be like this: can’t be sick… can’t be sad… has to be happy
90. An accessory you like: The one that the person I love picks for me
91. I really don’t understand this type of people: Nosey people/Minds other people’s businesses, people who act like their all that, people who act like they have a lot of stuff, people who act like they know what’s going on, someone who does everything/bossy_ sometimes I don’t really understand them…
92. trainee[s] that you would want to be trapped on a deserted island with: Hyukie…Mm…Hmmm………hahaha//It’s a secret~ the reason is because we can sing together… then we won’t be bored…
93. Something you want to do when you’re still young: Making my dream come true!
94. Something you don’t like even if it died: acting cute… making others do weird things… making others do things forcefully…
94. Something you don’t ever want to die: acting cute… making others do weird things… making others do things forcefully…
95. From all the things you’ve recently bought the price of the most expensive item: $240
96. To fans! I’m wondering about: when you see other fans… you guys fight… why do you guys fight… do my fans fight too… let’s not fight_ if you fight all of you Ssaeng!
97. Something you want to say to the fan who made this 100 questionnaire, while writing it what did you feel: who made this… so many of the questions were confusing and absurd… but still compared to the other 100 questionnaires… it was different so it was fun… Never ask me these things ever again!! Hehehe embarrassing… *blush blush*
98. If you have anything to ask of the fans please ask it: I have… I have a very wide foot (T/N: this means that he is very open)… the rumors that I hear talk of fans that treat and talk to each other as if they’ve been friends for 100 years… of course the girl fans wouldn’t do that~~ anyways I just want you guys to be honest… it’s because I hear some confusing things_^^;; I’m sorry for saying this~ and I hope my fans don’t fight amongst themselves… you guys probably didn’t fight… what I want to hear is your fans are really nice~! I want to hear that a lot… I’m asking you a favor~ you can do that, right? ^^ Because I love you guys so much~ and because you guys treated me kindly! FIGHTING! Thank you so much for rooting lots for me~!
99. A present you really want to receive from your fans on your birthday: Love
100. What is the background of your computer?: Computer…T T It’s so crappy there is no background… If I do a background the computer gets screwed up

Siwon's Profile


Fullname: Choi, Si Won

Date of Birth: April 07, 1986

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Voice Type: Baritone

Official Website: http://www.onlysiwon.com

Choi Si Won, born on April 7, 1986, also credited as Si Won, is an actor, dancer, singer, and a member of Korean boy band Super Junior. Si Won's breakthrough performance was in the 2006 Hong Kong historical action drama film, "A Battle of Wits" where he plays the young prince, Liang Shi. He is also one of the first Korean artists to be on Chinese postage stamps.

Si Won was raised in a strict, Protestant family from Seoul, South Korea who owns one of Korea's biggest supermarket chains. After Si Won's talents were scouted in the Starlight Casting System in 2003, his parents initially disapproved him to pursue in an entertainment career. After consideration, his parents allowed Si Won to sign under the talent agency SM Entertainment. Si Won said that although his father agreed Choi to sign the contract, he would not give any help to his son. Si Won later moved into dormitories with fellow trainees and he was trained in areas of acting, dancing, and singing. He made his first appearance in a music video of The Grace's Dana when she was still a solo singer in 2003. A year after, Si Won made a brief appearance in the short drama, "Precious Family".

Shindong's Profile


Real Name: Shin, Dong Hee

Stage Name: Shin Dong

Date of Birth: September 28, 1985

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Voice Type: Bass

Shin Dong Hee, born on September 28, 1985, better known by his stage name Shin Dong, is a dancer, entertainer, singer, and a member of Korean boy band Super Junior. In the past, Shin Dong has been criticized for his large size, which contradicts many slim Korean idols. Despite his larger appearance, Shin Dong is known to be one of the four lead dancers and the group's dance choreographer, creating dances for the bandmates whenever they make dance performances. Shin Dong is also the rapper of the group and co-writes rap lyrics with the rest of his bandmates. He is also Super Junior's main visual gag performer.

Shin Dong made his first appearance in July 2002 when he was seen dancing on Goyangsi Youth Dance. However, he didn't join SM Entertainment until 2005 when he won first place on the 9th SM Youth Best Selection Best Comedian, surprising the judges with his trained acting and dancing ability. Under SM Entertainment, Shin Dong was trained in many areas of performing talents, specifically improving his dancing versatility and rapping.

Kyuhyun's Profile


Fullname: Cho, Kyu Hyun

Date of Birth: February 03, 1988

Cho Kyu Hyun, born on February 03, 1988, more commonly credited as Kyu Hyun, is a Korean singer, dancer, and the youngest member of Super Junior. He is currently a Modern Music major at Kyung Hee University. He is also one of the first Korean artists to appear on Chinese postage stamps.

Cho Kyu Hyun's singing talents were discovered after he won third place at the Chin Chin Singing Competition in 2005. He soon signed under SM Entertainment and was featured in the video remake of TVXQ's single "Hi Ya Ya" along with other Chin Chin Idols.

Before Kyu Hyun's addition to Super Junior, the original twelve members were said to be separating and "graduating" as the band was still presented as a project group at the time, the concept being very similar to Japan's popular girl group, "Morning Musume". Although Kyu Hyun's addition to the group initially brought in an unpleasant surprise and disatisfaction within the group's fans who supported the original twelve members, his addition ended Super Junior's life as a project group and began its life as a permanent group. Kyu Hyun was quickly accepted and acknowledged by the fans as the thirteenth member of Super Junior.

Kyu Hyun's first media appearance was mysterious and not acknowledged. He made his first appearance as a part of Super Junior in a news broadcast on May 23, 2006 when the group was introducing their comeback single, "U". Kyu Hyun made his debut perforance on May 26, 2006 at SBS's I-Concert performing the new single "U", where it was also the group's first comeback performance as a permanent group. Towards the end of 2006, Kyu Hyun, along with Ye Sung and Ryeo Wook, were placed in Super Junior's first subgroup, Super Junior-K.R.Y. The trio debuted in November 5, 2006 on KBS's Music Bank. In early 2008, Kyu Hyun was placed in a third Super Junior subgroup, Super Junior-M. The subgroup specializes in singing Mandarin versions of Super Junior's Korean songs, bringing the K-pop influence over to the Chinese music industry. Super Junior-M is the first international music group in the Chinese music industry to have members of both Chinese and Korean descent. The seven-member group debuted in China on April 08, 2008 at the 8th Annual Music Chart Awards and with the release of their first single music video, "U".

Kibum's Profile


Fullname: Kim, Ki Bum

Date of Birth: August 21, 1987

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Voice Type: Bass

Official Website: http://www.actorkibum.com

Kim Ki Bum, born on August 21, 1987, also credited as Ki Bum, is a Korean actor, singer, dancer, and the second youngest member of Super Junior. He made his debut in the Korean television drama, "April Kiss" in 2004. Although debuted as an actor, he achieved higher results as a singer after his music debut with Super Junior in 2005.

Ki Bum was born in Seoul, South Korea. He has a younger sister, Kim Sun Young. He is also the cousin of famous actor and model, Shin Dong Wook. At the age of ten, he moved to Los Angeles, California, United States where he attended his high school years at Santa Monica High School.

In 2002, he was discovered by a talent agent from South Korea and was recommended to audition for the Starlight Casting System, a casting system organized by South Korea's largest entertainment company and label SM Entertainment, and also the home of top Korean Pop acts like BoA and TVXQ. Ki Bum soon signed a contract with SM Entertainment and became their official trainee, being trained in areas of singing, acting, dancing, and other performing talents such as hosting and modeling. He placed particularly strong efforts in acting, as he explained that he is most interested in that area. Although he resided in Seoul at the time, he constantly returned to Los Angeles to visit his family and to attend short school sessions.

Kangin's Profile


Real Name: Kim, Young Woon

Stage Name: Kang In

Date of Birth: January 17, 1985

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Voice Type: Baritone

Kim Young Woon, born on January 17, 1985, better known by his stage name Kang In, is an entertainer, singer, and a member of Korean boy band Super Junior. He was one of the three MC's for M.NET's M!Countdown along with bandmates Lee Teuk and Shin Dong before he was replaced by Eun Hyuk. He was also a former DJ for "Reckless Radio" where Super Junior members often visited as guests, but is now replaced by bandmate Sung Min. He is currently a DJ for MBC's "Good Friend Radio" with Tae Yeon of Girls' Generation.

Kang In became a trainee under SM Entertainment soon after he won first place on the 4th SM Youth Best Selection Best Outward Appearance in 2002. Soon afterwards he made a brief cameo appearance in the SBS Drama "A Man And A Woman" in May 2002.

Although originally auditioned to be an actor, he was placed under many all-male project music groups, including the group "Four Seasons", a four-member boy band that was to include Kim Hee Chul, Hero Jae Joong, and U Know Yun Ho. However, both U Know Yun Ho and Hero Jae Hoong soon debuted as members of TVXQ in 2003, ending the Four Seasons project.

Heechul's Profile


Fullname: Kim, Hee Chul

Famous Nickname: Cinderella

Date of Birth: July 10, 1983

Hometown: Gangwon Do, South Korea

Official Website: http://www.rellagyo.com

Cyworld Page: http:www.cyworld.com/yuri9doo

Kim Hee Chul, born July 10, 1983, also credited as Hee Chul, is an entertainer, singer, and the second to the eldest member of Korean boy band Super Junior. He is known as Cinderella by his game character, they often refer to him as "Hee Nim", and also called "Flower" by his fans. Likewise, Hee Chul calls his fans "Petals".

Hee Chul was born in Gangwon Do, South Korea to a bourgeois family. He has one older sister, Kim Hee Jin.

He joined under the management of SM Entertainment after he auditioned in the Starlight Casting System in 2002 when he was in Seoul. Along with Hero Jae Joong, U Know Yun Ho of TVXQ, and future bandmate Kang In, their talent agency placed them in a small project music group called "Four Seasons", with each of the four members representing the four seasons of the year. The prospective group never saw the light when the two members, Hero Jae Joong and U Know Yun Ho, were chosen to join another all-male singing group TVXQ, which debuted in December of 2003.

Heechul's 100 question & answer

1. Name: Hee Chul ýñ (3 years ago it used to be Cinderella¤»)
2. Birthdate: July 10
3. Alma mater (graduating school): Neulparan (Always Blue) High School
7. Strong point: I don’t bother folks by telling them to do this or that
8. Weak point: I have too much pride..
9. Hobbies: Sparring with Heebummie (heck, it’s one-sided but still..)
10. Specialty: Verbal comebacks
11. Religion: Against even Si Won’s preachings, I have no interest
12. Height: 178Cm (I grew a tad after I got out of the hospital. Euichul, give me just 2Cm..)
16. Favorite music: Sad songs..(I dance even to sad songs)
17. Favorite musician: I don’t know. I don’t know who I like.. who I dislike..
18. Favorite season: Season or whatever as long as it’s not hot or cold
19. Favorite food: Kimchi bbokeumbbop (Kimchi fried rice) (Back then I found saying bbokeumbbop rather than bogeumbop cute..)
20. Favorite actor/actress: Sohn Yeh Jin.. alas no change
21. Things that you want to own: Cash, apartment, stocks (I guess I’ve gotten older..)
22. My ideal type: Trying to find a woman who is your ideal type is quite ridiculous.. The person you truly like is your ideal type.. I didn’t realize that..
23. My current dilemma: I have too many more important tasks at hand than being in love..
24. When was your first love: I didn’t have one 3 years ago.. I’ve gotten older.. dammit..(-¦®)
25. Definition concerning love: Unique ability to melt an ice-like heart
26. Alcohol tolerance level: Even if I want to get drunk because I’m having a hard time, I can’t seem to
27.Alcohol induced habit: Damned cigarettes.. after I quit, I don’t seem to have any habits
28. How many most valuable friends: The important thing isn’t ‘how many,’ but rather ‘how deep’
29. Treasure #1: As expected, me.. no matter how much I like someone, in the end it’s still me..
30. When I see myself as handsome: Let’s do something about the dark circles first..
31. When I see myself as sexy: As I said, let’s do something about the dark circles..(-¦®)
32. Current hair style: Roughly short hair.. I need to get it cut shorter..
33. Current clothing attire: Underwear that has drawings of cats all over it(+__)a
34. My current posture: Heebummie is on my lap(This little bastard)
35. Things in your pocket: Do underwear have pockets these days;;
36. When did you first try drinking alcohol: When I was in junior high school.. ah ah;; with my family^-^
37. Thing you want to do most right now: I want to write.. something..
38. Favorite color: Blood color (red) ..
39. Present you want to receive from your significant other: Love? Heechulie has grown up.. tsk..
40. Favorite brand: The only thing of luxury in the house is Heebummie.. duenjangmyo (materialistic cat)
41. When do you want to get married: I have no thoughts of wanting to get married, but..¤» pretty.. soon?
42.What do you do when home alone?: Computer games. I bought a joystick not too long ago~
43. Time it usually takes to fall asleep: About the time it takes for four songs to play in my headphone..
44. Clothing style: Charming storm style
45. Habit: The frequency with which I get absentmindedly lost in thought has decreased
46. Highest ranking while attending school: 5th... When I was younger, I was even 1st
47. Difference between women and men: The difference between a false angel and genuine devil
48. If you are born again: A flower blooming on a high cliff. So that no one can touch it..
49. What would I have been in a previous life?: A thornbush.. because if you touch me, you could get wounded..
50. If someone you love cheats on you: I’ll kill.. that’s what I’d say~¤»¤»
51. Song I like to sing most at noraebang (Karaoke) : How many years has it been since I’ve stopped even going to a noraebang
52. What you want to do on rainy days: On rainy days, no matter what you do, it’s irritating
53. Current physical condition: Even though I quit smoking, I keep coughing.. Everyone should quit smoking~
54. If you were left behind alone in a deserted island, what 3 things would you take with you: Why don’t you go
55. If you get married, how many kids?: Lightly two~
56. Person you want to see the most right now: Parents..? Ah.. embarrassing
57. Favorite snacks: I should eat my meals properly first
58. Monthly allowance: I get what I need from the ATM.. I don’t have a credit card
59. Restaurant that you go to often: Having delivery is the most convenient. Ah.. nobleman..
60. What do you mainly do in your free time?: I smack and get smacked by Heebummie. This rascal is too smart for his own good..
61. Do you tend to get dumped? or do the dumping?: Whether you do the dumping or you get dumped, sadness is all the same
62. Reason for your answer to question 61: Frequency.. as if there is something wrong with my personality..?
63. Something you most want to have: A house! Ah.. how did I get so corrupted..
64. If you are reincarnated?: Didn’t I say it before a flower at the edge of a cliff?
65. When you feel that you’ve become an adult: They say I’m too young to love
66. Country you want to visit the most: Never mind a country.. being at home is the most comfortable
67. Your method to evaluate human beings: I don’t have time to evaluate others
68. What kind of proposal is the most awesome: Why don’t you tell me
69. Place you want to go to most with your significant other: My parents’ house in Kangwondo
70. What’s your cellphone bill: The bill goes to my parents’ house so I don’t really know..
71. If you go on vacation, where to: Where there is no one
72. Favorite TV program: If we turn on the air conditioner, the TV doesn’t turn on so I can’t watch
73. If unification (of Korea) happens: Heck.. I don’t know whether it does or it doesn’t..
74. The person you think of when you get rained on: An umbrella seller
75. When do you feel like you are happy: Even though I don’t have love, I have friends and fans with me
76. Most recent movie you saw: (D-War).. every time I flush the toilet, I think about it..
77. Movie that made a deep impression: (D-War).. whether or not someone else curses it, if I like it it’s the best
78. What do you think about homosexuals: What do I need to think about it for;;
79. Do you think one can marry someone else for the sake of someone they love: What?
80. First thing you want to do for someone you love: I want to hug them.. *retch*
81. Do you think you have a tendency to cheat: I wish I had a little bit of it..
82. I want to die when it’s like this: Hey nims.. manners..
83. While walking down a street, if you find $10 million: You should take it to the police station^-^ What kind of crazy..
84. When you’re heart hurt the most: A breakup.. and memories
85. The most indecent man is: Men who think men have enormous privileges
86. The most indecent woman is: Women who think that everything they do is forgivable just because they are women
87. If you became an invisible man: My answer when I was in grade school.. secretly looking into the women’s bath house
88. Name of the alcohol you like the most: Even if you put one alcohol into another bottle, I wouldn’t know..
89. Appetizers you like to eat most with alcohol: Chitterlings. There was even a time when I ate chitterlings four times within the same week..
90. Behavior when angry: Throwing everything that I can get my hands on..^-^ filtering
91. Motto: I’m me, you’re you(there’s been no change in 25 years)
92. When someone you just met asks you for your phone number: Smirk -_-
93. Your nickname: Heenim!! (Half at my insistence, just like Cinderella)
94. First thing you do when you wake up in the morning: First, I open my eyes..
95. Place on your body in which you are most confident: My returning healthy hair~ I used to be Rellastein
96. Do you have a jinx: You want to make me one?
97. The most valuable thing in the world is: Me. If there were no me, everything would be over for me~
98. When you are the happiest: When my cellphone rings
99. When you are the saddest: When I happily answer and they say “Dear customer”………………(-¦®)
100. Last thing I want to say: In the 3 years (since the last 100 Questions and 100 Answers).. I’ve changed so much..

Hangeng's Profile


Chinese Name: Han Geng

Korean Name: Han Kyung

Date of Birth: February 09, 1984

Hometown: Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang, People's Republic of China

Han Geng, born on February 09, 1984, better known in Korea as Han Kyung, is a dancer, entertainer, occasional actor, singer, and a member of the Korean boyband Super Junior. He is the only Chinese member of Super Junior and is the first foreign artist to break into the Korean music industry. He is one of the two members in the group who frequently performs Chinese martial arts in Super Junior's dance routines, the other being Lee Sung Min. He is also known for his dancing skills, particularly skillful in Chinese traditional dances from the fifty-six minority Chinese ethnic groups. He is one of the four lead dancers of Super Junior and an important figure to further continue the Korean wave in China. Han Geng was also the chosen torch bearer for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, being the first boy band member to be chosen in history.

Han Geng, an ethnic Nanai from Northeast China, was born in Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang, China. At the age of thirteen, he joined Central University for Nationalities to perfect his craft in the dance industry.

When he was preparing for his graduation from the Central University for Nationalities at the age of seventeen, he was discovered in December 2001 at the H.O.T. China Audition Casting that was held in Beijing, China, where the competition rate was 3000 to 1. He signed a contract with SM Entertainment the year after, but it was not until early 2003 when he arrived to South Korea to receive private lessons in singing, dancing, and acting. A year later, he was put in lessons with the rest of the trainees in SM Entertainment.

On February 06, 2005, SM Entertainment officially announced Han Geng as one of the twelve members of Super Junior 05, the first generation of the large all-male supposed rotational group, Super Junior. Han Geng was the first Chinese and the first foreigner to debut in South Korea, thus creating close media attention. Three months later after the announcement, Han Geng made his first media appearance as a runway model, in a Fashion Show F/W general idea by Bum Suk.

Han Geng's 100 question & answer

[1] Name: Han Kyung
[2] D.O.B: 1984 feb 9
[3] Address: (korea) don’t know
[4] Blood Type: Don’t know
[5] Height: 181cm
[6] Weight: 64kg
[7] Shoe Size: 42
[8] Character: Don’t speak that much
[9] Dream: To have a business of my own
[10] Specialize In: Ballet
[11] Hobbies: Playing computer games
[12] When You Have a Bad Mood: Sleep
[13] Fav. Artist: Andy Lau
[14] Fav. Flower: White lilies
[15] Fav. Food: Steamboat
[16] Fav. Fruit: Watermelon
[18] Fav. Comic: Any
[20] Duration of sleep: No specific hours.
[21] What Kind of Girls Do You Like: Girls who r good/kind to their parents
[22] First Love: 18… no… its 19
[23] People Whom You Respect: Parents
[24] Sports You Are Good In: Swimming n long-run
[25] Music That You Like: No specific kind
[26] Fav. Brand: Gucci n Calvin Klein
[27] Time When You Are In Best Condition: Night
[28] First Thing You Do When You Wake Up: Drink water
[29] Things you will do before you sleep: Drink water
[30] Fav. number: 4
[31] Fav season: Summer
[32] Religion: None
[33] What you will think when you see your reflection in the mirror: No thoughts.
[34] Fav. Color: Black
[35] Good points about you: Honest… haha~
[36] Bad points about you: Too honest
[37] Fav. Country: Rome
[39] Fav. Accessories: I like any kinds
[40] Dishes you are good at: A lot
[41] Fav. Food: Southern dishes *dishes from the southern part of china i guess~*
[42] Other language you are good at: Korean
[43] What you want to do with your girlfriend: Being together
[44] Things you want to give to your girlfriend: Things that she likes
[45] Things that you want: A lot
[46] Fav. Korean Food: BBQ meat
[47] Things you want from your girlfriend: I don’t have high expectations, anything will do
[48] Cellphone greeting: ??????
[49] Ringing tone: -
[50] Ringing tone for the person calling: -
[51] Brand of cellphone: Anything, what matters is it looks good
[52] What kind of dressing style do you prefer: Anything
[53] Fav. Sleeping position: Sleeping on my sides
[54] When will you think of giving up: No
[55] How many times have you given flowers to girls: I don’t do that
[56] How many times have you received flowers from girls: Hehe, all from my fans
[57] What’s attractive about you: I don’t know
[58] What do you think others think of you: Frightening
[59] Which member do you live with from SM: All
[60] Which member from Super Junior are you close with: Pretty good with all the members
[61] Which Super Junior member do you think is cute: Shin Dong
[62] Which Super Junior member do you think is best looking: ??????
[63] Which Super Junior member do you think has the best complexion: Sung Min
[65] Which Super Junior member is best at talking: Kang In
[67] How many times do you call back to your family: 2 times each day
[68] Do you get angry easily: A little bit
[69] Things you will never eat: Nothing
[70] Easily sick: Yes
[71] Things you want to learn: -
[72] People whom you want to thank: Mum.
[73] What is the happiest time in your life: When i graduated?
[74] What do you think of money: Its a bad thing to have lots of money n same goes to when u don’t have much money
[75] What do you do when you miss home: Call back home
[76] Did you cry recently: Yes
[77] How did you do in your first performance: I’m satisfied
[78] Do you like yourself on stage or off stage: They are not the same
[79] Will you join in drama or movie: Yes, in the future
[80] What kind of chinese culture dance do you like: I like all
[81] Which part of you do you think is the best: Eyes
[82] Are you a patient person: No… haha~
[83] How often do you come online to check your messages: Everyday
[84] How much is your monthly allowence: 1500 china dollars
[85] Fav. Animals: dogs
[86] Fav. Tidbit: don’t like
[87] The latest time you ate: 5 IN THE MORNING
[88] What character do you see in when you are dating: -
[90] Name Given by others: I don’t know… haha~
[92] What kind of fans you like: Quiet.
[93] What kind of fans you hate: None
[94] Things You want to say to your fans: Its great, Lets work hard
together, thanks for your support n i will work extra hard. Lets work
hard together.
[95] New Year Greetings: Happy New Year
[96] New Year Wish: To do well in Asia
*questions 97 -99 were not in it…*
[100] Gift That You Want to Receive: There are alot… i guess i’m not gonna say it.

Eunhyuk's Profile


Real Name: Lee, Hyuk Jae

Stage Name: Eun Hyuk

Date of Birth: April 04, 1986

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Voice Type: Tenor

Lee Hyuk Jae, born on April 04, 1986, better known by his stage name Eun Hyuk, is an entertainer, rapper, singer-songwriter, and a member of Korean boyband Super Junior. He used a stage name due to a conflict with another celebrity, Lee Hyuk Jae, a famous comedian who shares the same name. He is talented in areas of both rap and dance, as he is often seen performing solo dances in the group's live performances and music videos. His position in Super Junior is the lead rapper, combining bubblegum pop lyrics with his quick and unique voice tone. He is one of the four lead dancers of Super Junior.

After childhood friend Kim Jun Soo successfully signed a contract with SM Entertainment after he auditioned for the Starlight Casting System in 1999, Eun Hyuk was told that he should do the same. He joined SM Entertainment a year later after the same casting system, joining Jun Soo in training courses and lessons which was under the same company.

In 2002, Lee Hyuk Jae, Kim Jun Soo, and Lee Sung Min were placed in a project R&B group. A year later, the trio along with three future members from TRAX, Typhoon, Rose, and Attack, made a brief appearance in a show called Hee Jun vs Kang Ta Battle of the Century Pop vs Rock where Hee Jun and Kang Ta taught them techniques on singing. However, Typhoon, Rose, and Attack left and debuted that same year. The trio also disbanded and Kim Jun Soo then debuted as a member of TVXQ in 2003 under the stage name Xiah Jun Soo.

Eeteuk's Profile


Real Name: Park, Jung Soo

Stage Name: Lee Teuk / Ee teuk

Famous Nickname: Angel

Date of Birth: July 01, 1983

Park Jung Soo, born on July 01, 1983 and better known by his stage name Lee Teuk, is an entertainer, singer, and the eldest member and leader of the Korean boy band Super Junior.

In 2000, Lee Teuk was discovered by a talent scout in Myeong Dong, South Korea. He was asked to audition for the Starlight Casting System, which he soon signed a record contract with SM Entertainment that same year. Lee Teuk made an extremely brief cameo appearance in the MBC Korean Drama "All About Eve" in 2000 and was also a brief model for Pepsi. He was then recruited into a five-member boy band, "O-Kay" along with future bandmate Dong Hae by his talent agency, but "O-Kay" eventually dropped.

DongHae's Profile


Fullname: Lee, Dong Hae

Date of Birth: October 15, 1986

Hometown: Mokpo, Jeollanam Do, South Korea

Voice Type: Tenor

Lee Dong Hae, born on October 15, 1986, more commonly credited as Dong Hae, is an entertainer, dancer, ocassional actor, singer, and a member of Korean boyband Super Junior. He is one of the four lead dancers of Super Junior. He currently attends Myong Ji University. He is also one of the first Korean artists to appear on Chinese postage stamps.

Lee Dong Hae was born in Mokpo, Jeollanam Do, South Korea, the younger of two sons. Under the support of his father, who had a wish to become a singer, Dong Hae successfully signed a contract with SM Entertainment soon after he won first place on 'The 3rd SM Youth Best Selection Best Outward Appearance" in 2001. He was then recruited into a five-member boy band, "O-Kay" along with future bandmate Lee Teuk by his talent agency before this idea was dropped.

Dong Hae's 100 question & answer

1. Name: Pinocchio (his nickname given by Hee Chul)
2. Age: 22
3. Birthday: 1986.10.15
5. School: Harry Potter School~
6. Height: I’m like third high C on the keyboard
7. Blood type: A
8. Religion: Below God’s sky . . .
9. Hobbies: To listen to Cinderella’s ( Hee Chul ) gossip
10. Personality: I’m lovable
11. When you’re the happiest: When I write in my diary
12. Your biggest complaint currently: No computer at home
13. What you wear when you sleep: Pajamas are the best!
14. A hairstyle you like on the opposite gender: Silky hair
15. Ideal girl: It could be you who’s reading this right now
16. Habits: Whenever I think of you (music note)
17. Favorite fruit: Tangerine, pear, strawberry, kiwi - they’re the best
18. Favorite vegetable: Carrot!!
19. Guy celebrities you think are good looking: Cinderella, Snow White.
20. Girl celebrities you think are pretty: Song Hye Gyo !
21. A treasured possession: Polaris
22. Numbers you like: 3, 6, 9
23. Things that stress you: I want to see my big brother (DongHwa hyung).
24. My bad qualities: The fact that I can’t be a citizen on the planet BangWheeDaeHuLweh
25. Your mood right now: Zzang!!
26. What you want to do right now: I want to see Ki Bum but he’s not coming
27. A kid you like: A kid that’s like a kid
28. Food you like: Chicken DoRiTang
29. Food you don’t like: Anything sweet
30. Shoe size: 270
31. Drinking capacity: Beer is always N O ! !
32. Cigarette: Smoking is also always N O ! !
33. A movie that made you sad: Whatever others say is sad . . . is sad
34. A childhood dream: Even if I run into a huge car, I never get hurt.
35. Motto: Let’s not get scorn from others!
36. Bedtime: Whenever I want to sleep!
37. Your future hope: To conquest America
38. Do you think you’re the type that laughs easily: I laugh easily inside hah
39. Something you cook well: Ramyun, just something strange. Do you want to eat?
40. Where do you live right now?: somewhere in Korea
41. An event that remains in your memory: From fifth grade to junior high
42. What you say often: Let’s go see a movie, I missed you, you live inside of me!
43. Have you ever gone out of country: NO!
44. First kiss: When are you going to kiss me??
45. If you did, where: Me??
46. When you see a girl, where do you look first: Pupils
58. If you suddenly got million won: To my parents…
59. A drama that you had fun watching?: Dramas are my sole joy in life!
60. A movie you had fun watching?: Movies are my sole life!
61. Eyesight: 2.0
62. Destressing methods: Shopping!
63. What you want to learn: Everything in the world.
64. What you want to do: I want to meet Justin!
65. If your girlfriend was dying: I would do whatever it takes to rescue her!
66. When do you feel like you hate yourself: Even when I hate myself, I still like myself
67. About relationships before marriage: I don’t care
68. Lifestyle principle: There is nothing in life that comes looking for you.
69. Weather that I like: A weather that is good for movie-watching
70. When is your TV time: When dramas are on.
71. Precious friends: My hyung (DongHwa)
72. Life is?: Happiness
73. Favorite drink: Milk
75: Favorite cookies: PokaPoka~chip
76. If you break up with your girlfriend, you would go: to sing
77. A teacher you respect: My teacher is my father!
78. Introduce your family: Grandpa, Grandma, Dad, Mom, Hyung, Me
79. Happiness is: The fact that I can do something right now!
80. A birthday present that you remember most: Just the fact that I’m healthy
81. Favorite animal: Maltese, Yorkie
82. Favorite plant: Flower
83. Favorite season: Spring, summer, fall, winter, I wish the season would change once everyday
84. About antis: good bye
85. If you had to choose between love or friendship: Both~(I can do it^^)
86. If the world was to come to an end tomorrow: I want to spend it with my family
87. Singing skills: Nice good
88. Dancing skills: Nice zzang
89. Your theme song: If you like it I will do as much as you want
91. Favorite fruit tree: I like them all
92. What do you feel about relationships where a girl is older than the boy: If they like it, well…be happy!
93. If you were to die tomorrow: What…with my family again
94. When do you want to marry: When I see Polaris
95. Yourself 20 years later: I love you
96. A country you want to see the most: America, Australia, Canada!
97. E-mail: Um…I have 4
98. What you want to say to those who read this: Do you want to fall into Dong Hae’s smile?
99. If you had a trait you want to fix: Where?
100. Last word: Is Planet HuLwehShiMan really unconquerable??